Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Gary Miller named TheJailEnder.com's Player of the Year

Gary Miller receives his award
Gary Miller has been named TheJailEnder.com's player of the year for 2011-12 and was presented with his trophy before training at Victoria Park this morning.

In a season where it was very difficult to select one player over any other, due to the entire squad deserving praise for the outstanding season, it was decided to use a scientific method to determine the player of the year.

Following every game throughout the season, fans voted on this site for their man of the match, and the top three players after each game were awarded points towards their seasons total (Three points for First place, Two points for Second place and One point for Third place).

Following the Dundee game on the 14th April the points totals were calculated, and Gary Miller came out on top with a total of 44 points.

Michael Gardyne & Gary Miller
Second placed went to defender Scott Boyd who scored 36 points for the season. while Michael Gardyne came in third placed with a total of 29 points.

The top five places on the season's leader board were.

44 points - Gary Miller
36 points - Scott Boyd
29 points - Michael Gardyne
27 points - Colin McMenamin
26 points = Richard Brittain
               = Grant Munro

With the voting having taken place throughout the season, the following players achieved the player of the month throughout the season :-

July - Richard Brittain
August - Gary Miller
September - Michael Gardyne
October - Gary Miller
November - Michael Gardyne
December - Colin McMenamin
January - Richard Brittain
February - Scott Boyd & Richard Brittain
March - Michael Gardyne & Paul Lawson
April - Colin McMenamin